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The Front End Service

We appreciate that with the busy tourist season comes no time to take care of the machine that makes the coffee. Whilst it’s a little bit quieter, why not just make sure its good and ready for the next big rush with one of our front end services?

This is a site visit service, so there’s no need to be without your machine

Full front end service comprises of the following:

  • Cleaning and back flushing the group heads with Puly Caff cleaner.
  • Replacing the showers and Group Head Seals.
  • Replace Group Head Gaskets.
  • Clean Group Head ports and channels.
  • Replace jet filters.
  • The steam and hot water valves are are stripped down and all the seals, O rings and washers are replaced.
  • Pump pressure checked and adjusted if needed.
  • Grinder check.
  • A general check of the machines condition is carried out with advice on any potential parts being needed in the near future.
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