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Máy pha cũ giá tri lớn

The Major Overhaul Service

This is recommended for machines that have not had the benefit of frequent servicing or after purchasing a used, second hand machine.

It really will give you piece of mind that you have a fully serviced machine. Our workshop is fully equipped to provide the most thorough service available to your espresso machine.

The Major Overhaul Service comprises of the following:

  • A complete strip down of the machine to the frame
  • All pipes, valves, group heads and boiler are descaled
  • The body panels are deep cleaned and polished
  • The boiler is stripped and pressure cleaned, with a new gasket and element seal fitted.
  • The machine is rebuilt with ALL seals and gaskets replaced with new.
  • Steam/water valves have all seals and pads replaced and lubricated
  • Steam arm seals replaced.
  • Manual fill inlet valve stripped and new seals, pads and springs fitted.
  • Level probe descaled and cleaned.
  • New anti vac valve fitted
  • New certified boiler safety pressure valve fitted.
  • Re-calibration of the dispensing doses.
  • The machine is bench tested and run for 24 hours.
  • The frame is deep cleaned, with any corrosion and touched up with rust proof paint.
  • Boiler fittings are removed and re installed with new seals/sealant
  • The group head is stripped down, channels pressure cleaned, NEW injector filters, NEW injectors, NEW stems, new group seals and new showers are fitted
  • New group solenoid valves fitted.
  • New water inlet valve and solenoid fitted.
  • New flowmeters are fitted.
  • A New water pump is fitted.
  • New level probe fitted.
  • Calibration of the new pump.
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